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Innovation is the mantra that permeates the entire group
This is paramount to our continued existence and our accomplishments speak for themselves

World’s Largest User of Hi-Tech Machineries across all the factories.

Kiran Gems is rated as "ICRA A+ (Stable)"

World’s Largest User of Hi-Tech Machineries across all the factories.

Unmatched Product Breadth and Depth which makes Kiran "One Stop Solution" for its customers globally

Kiran Gems is rated as "ICRA A+ (Stable)"

Polished Diamonds

Dedicated account managers of Kiran with the in-depth diamond knowledge helps customers buy the best products.

Bagging, counting, fluting and packaging stones prior shipping service of Kiran is extremely useful as the retailer just checks the parcel and forwards it to production- increasing its downstream efficiencies.

Data sharing service of Kiran for packets and parcels as per customer request help them have complete knowledge of the purchase.

Holding goods, guaranteeing supplyand preferred allocation of goods service of Kiran enables the client to plan ahead.

Drop shipping service of Kiran to manufacturers on behalf of retail clients increases retailer’s downstream efficiencies

Certified diamonds inventory of Kiran from all major laboratories (GIA, HRD, IGI) offers customers widest array of certified diamonds.

In-house Kiran grading for single stones graded to GIA standards helps customer have perfect grading complying with the most established lab parameters at fractional cost.

Calibrated parcels of Kiran with highest parameter (length, breadth and diameter) precisions across volume for high end jewellery and watch manufacturers.

Microscope sorting and grading service of Kiran is for the highest degree of quality, color and clarity assurance for top of the line Jewellery manufacturing, retailing and watch manufacturing companies .

Kan Ban / JIT service of Kiran enables some of world’s biggest jewellery manufacturing and retailing company to do away with unnecessary inventory building and stream line their operation.

Bespoke diamonds of Kiran meets the special requirements of jewellers and watch manufacturers in terms of shape, size, clarities, etc.

Kiran’s on demand manufacturing makes customers get assured supply of demanded goods in relatively shorter period of time to expedite Jewellery making process or meet forward orders.

Assorting at customer premises service of Kiran, help customers new in business to build in-house assortment skills and manage large inventories.

Detailed Assortment service of Kiran across volumes to present over 2000 different parcels with consistency enabling:

  • Low Rejection
  • Ease of ordering (Online / Telephonic)
  • Instant delivery