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Trust, Integrity, Value and Ethical Business Practices are a way of
Driven by the passion to be the best
Creating and Nurturing partnerships with employees, Customers and Business partners
Innovation is the mantra that permeates the entire group
This is paramount to our continued existence and our accomplishments speak for themselves

World’s Largest User of Hi-Tech Machineries across all the factories.

Kiran Gems is rated as "ICRA A+ (Stable)"

World’s Largest User of Hi-Tech Machineries across all the factories.

Unmatched Product Breadth and Depth which makes Kiran "One Stop Solution" for its customers globally

Kiran Gems is rated as "ICRA A+ (Stable)"


Kiran has over 2 million sqft of factory space in Surat and Ahmedabad, processing over 5.7 million carats of rough annually to yield over 1.6 million carats of polished diamonds. Kiran has a trained and dedicated workforce which is a competitive advantage in itself and makes the group the largest employment provider in the Indian diamond industry.

Our Strengths :

  • Kiran is recognized by all the major mining companies like DeBeers, Alrosa, Dominion and is one of the largest most credible buyers of rough in the world
  • We are the world’s largest users of Hi-Tech machineries.
  • Kiran processes a huge amount of Natural rough diamonds and is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of polished Natural diamonds each year.

Our in-house design studio works out over 30 designs everyday; where we offer constant innovation in product design and manufacturing support to every customer. We serve over 15,000 major retailers around the globe.

Diamond Assortment Facility

Kiran has 14,000 sq. ft. diamond assortment facility. The assortment team ensures that every diamond is diligently checked and graded perfectly considering the 4 Cs- Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity.

It is then passed on to the sales office as “Loose diamonds” parcels or GIA/NGTC/IGI/HRD/IIDGR certified diamonds. The facility processes over 1000 standardized assortments of diamonds that are presented and sold to customers globally, based on their requirement.

The assortment team is fully equipped and holds expertise in undertaking customized assortment, H&A assortment, Microscope assortment, MM sizing. 


Kiran Jewels is uniquely positioned and possess a robust procurement, manufacturing and distribution system to specialize in diamond jewelry. We use rounds, princess, tapered baguettes, marquise and pear shapes, and with a focused export program for our consumers around the world.

Our cutting edge manufacturing technology enables us to supply efficaciously, and offer customized products to the customers. At present, the jewelry range encompasses product categories in Basics, Bridal and Fashion in gold and platinum.

In keeping with our Group ethos, we offer a cost-conscious approach to maximize value for each customer as well as special customer loyalty program.