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World’s Largest User of Hi-Tech Machineries across all the factories.

Kiran Gems is rated as "ICRA A+ (Stable)"

World’s Largest User of Hi-Tech Machineries across all the factories.

Unmatched Product Breadth and Depth which makes Kiran "One Stop Solution" for its customers globally

Kiran Gems is rated as "ICRA A+ (Stable)"

Kiran Grading Guide

Color Shade (Brown) None
Luster (Milky) None
Black In Center None
Black In Side None
White In Center None -
Hearts & Arrows None
Ex (Arrow)
Ex (Heart)
VG (Arrow)
VG (Heart)
Mix Tinge None
Mix Tinge 1
Mix Tinge 2
Mix Tinge 3
Mix Tinge 4
Symbol Description Symbol Description
BRN 1 Very Light Brown W 3 Heavy White Inclusion
BRN 2 Medium Brown B 1 Pin Point / Small Black Inclusion
BRN 3 Strong Brown B 2 Medium Black Inclusion
BRN 4 Very Strong Brown B 3 Heavy Black Inclusion
M 1 Very Light Milky B 4 Very Heavy Black Inclusion
M 2 Medium Milky Mix 1 (Mix of Yellow and Brown) Very Light Mix Tinge
M 3 Strong Milky Mix 2 (Mix of Yellow and Brown) Medium Mix Tinge
M 4 Very Strong Milky Mix 3 (Mix of Yellow and Brown) Strong Mix Tinge
W 1 Pin Point / Small White Inclusion Mix 4 (Mix of Yellow and Brown) Very Strong Mix Tinge
W 2 Medium White Inclusion
** Additional Tool Tip - Culet Open / Pink / Grn (Green)

Color, Picture and Certificate Guidelines

If the Color of the stone you have selected is highlighted in BLUE (For example: D / G / J) kindly place your cursor over the highlighted letter to see the details

For you to have a better understanding of what you would be purchasing, we have added pictures for all the stones in our inventory, 1.00ct and above.

  • To view the pictures simply click on the "Stone No" marked in blue as such: 21333784 / 56213920 / 52353154

  • To view the certificate of the stone kindly have a look at the "Lab" column and you can simply click on the respective lab marked in Blue as such: GIA / IGI / HRD

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further assistance.